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February 2015 Archives

Indian Child Welfare Act could result in child custody change

In America, most people live by the same standards, regardless of the state in which they live. However, when a child custody case involves a Native American, the state legal system does not always have a say in how a custody dispute is handled. According to the child services department in a state outside of Colorado, a state court is required to notify the officials of the tribe in question or to notify the federal Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) when there is a Native American child involved in a custody dispute.

Colorado prenuptial agreement has many facets

Many engaged couples are now choosing to create a prenuptial agreement before the big day. In fact, some people in Colorado find that a prenuptial agreement (or a cohabitation agreement when the parties live together without getting married) can help to stave off fights later on and actually make for a more harmonious relationship. Many people who consider this type of agreement do so to protect differences in wealth, pension rights and/or investments. Business interests and children from a previous relationship are also prominent reasons for considering such an arrangement.

Colorado father asserts his rights to challenge adoption

Recently, the Supreme Court of a neighboring state ruled in favor of a biological father in an adoption case. A Colorado man claimed that he was denied the opportunity to contest an adoption, and the court agreed. The mother of the child in question told the father that she planned to put the baby up for adoption. The Colorado adoption agency contacted the father-to-be, and he asserted his rights to parent the child himself.

Court tosses prenuptial agreement wife could not understand

People who plan to marry in Colorado have many things to do in preparation. While most people think of wedding venues and gift registries, it is equally important to consider a prenuptial agreement. Such a document can help ensure each person's understanding of the other's finances and help ease the divorce process if their marriage should eventually end. However, each person must understand what he or she is signing or it may not hold up in court at a later date. For example, one woman claims that her estranged husband misled her about the information included in an agreement written entirely in German.

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