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Military divorce includes some special considerations

For some Colorado residents, there is no higher calling than serving his or her country. The job comes with certain stresses and dangers that are unique to the military, such as long deployments and the need to be ready to leave behind a family at any given moment. This can put a tremendous amount of strain on a couple, and in some cases leads to a military divorce.

Regardless of whether you are on active duty or are retired, your divorce includes some special considerations that civilians do not encounter. Both federal and Colorado laws might apply to your situation. For instance, certain steps must be taken if you or your military spouse is deployed overseas at the time of the divorce. Moreover, the rules that apply to the division of your military retirement can be confusing. Your spouse may be entitled to certain rights regarding your military benefits, and understanding how that works can present a challenge.

Further, issues such as child custody and visitation are treated in a slightly different manner for active duty military than for civilians. Part of being in the military includes the possibility of relocation to an installation in another state, or even another part of the world. However, you are still entitled to be a part of your children's lives. You are not expected to stop being a loving parent just because you may be transferred.

The active duty or retired military veteran is required to take certain steps for both an ex-spouse and the children with regard to benefits. An attorney who understands the unique circumstances surrounding a military divorce can do more than just help ensure that you receive a fair and equitable settlement. A thorough review of your situation by a military divorce attorney might be necessary in order to reveal all of the possible scenarios in your case.

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