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When one spouse wants a divorce, sometimes the other does not

Divorce is not always a mutual agreement. Sometimes, one spouse wants to end the marriage while the other does not. While it may be tempting for the spouse who wants the divorce to get frustrated and impatient, taking things a little slower and communicating with the other spouse is more likely to lead to an amicable divorce. There are three common reasons why the other spouse may initially refuse to divorce in Colorado.

First, and arguably the most common, is the excuse that it would be better for the children if the couple stayed together. However, this is not necessarily true. If the couple bickers often and begins to resent each other, it may cause more damage for their children than an amicable divorce.

A second excuse is that it would be cheaper for the couple to stay together. It is generally true that maintaining two homes is more expensive than just living in one. When a person is the only one in charge of his or her finances, however, that person tends to be more conscientious. More conscientious spending will help in the long run. Additionally, a more amicable separation will typically reduce divorce-related fees as well.

The third excuse is that if the couple had more time, then maybe they could work their problems out. One spouse may have been shocked by the other's desire for a divorce, and that spouse may not have spent an equivalent amount of time thinking about it. While the spouse who wants to divorce may want to be patient, that person may also benefit by being firm. How both spouses act during the divorce process will affect not only their lives but also those of any children involved. Thankfully, help is available regarding how to get the Colorado divorce process started, including suggestions on how to keep it amicable.

Source: The Huffington Post, "3 Reasons Your Spouse May Be Reluctant to Divorce - And What You Can Do About It", Cheryl and Joe Dillon, Nov. 21, 2014

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