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Children and pension often primary concerns in military divorce

Divorce is a difficult process for any couple, regardless of their circumstances. Those working through a military divorce, however, have to deal with a number of factors that most other couples don't. Two key issues with a military divorce revolve around children and pension.

While all Colorado parents who choose to get a divorce will face child custody and support issues, these problems in a military divorce can seem extreme. As military members have to deal with deployments or being stationed overseas, figuring out custody and support terms that serve the best interests of the children can be difficult. In many cases, the non-military spouse will be granted full custody, and visitation rights will be awarded to the military member. Child support would also have to be adjusted to compensate for the atypical custody terms often seen in military divorce.

Pension division is another main concern for military spouses. Due to the abnormal schedule that military life can pose on family life, the non-military spouse may have to forego employment opportunities in order to take care of his or her family. Currently, military spouses are entitled to receive a portion of the military pension, which, after retirement, is paid out for the remainder of the service member's life. Certain stipulations do apply, and funds will not be released to either party until the service member requests for payments to begin. However, a non-military spouse may be eligible to receive up to 50 percent of the pension fund -- though this is open to negotiation.

Military divorce can be far from simple. Assistance is available to Colorado residents who need help working through the intricacies this type of divorce can bring. Military members and their spouses can come to agreeable terms, allowing each to walk away from the marriage financially intact and satisfied with child custody and support issues.

Source:, "Military Divorce: Dividing Children, Pay & Pensions", Rebekah Sanderlin, Dec. 10, 2014

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