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November 2014 Archives

Navigating the holidays while going through the divorce process

With the holiday season quickly approaching, it can be easy to become overwhelmed and stressed out trying to plan. However, families who are going through the divorce process or those who have finalized the process already may feel extra stress that other families do not. By following a few tips, separating -- or separated -- Colorado couples may find that added stress easier to handle.

Gray divorce brings more specific financial concerns

In our Nov. 11 blog post, "Preparing for the financial side of divorce," we discussed steps that a separating couple could take to reduce the financial burden of the divorce process. This week, we will explore the financial aspects of gray divorce in Colorado and elsewhere. The term is meant to apply to couples over the age of 50 who decide to end their marriage. 

Preparing for the financial side of divorce

Sometimes, the divorce process can be so overwhelming emotionally that certain financial aspects may get overlooked. With some planning before initiating the process, however, separating Colorado spouses can be better prepared for the financial side of divorce. Here are several tips to financially prepare for divorce as well as life after the marriage ends.

Steps for deciding who can keep the house in a divorce

When a couple begins to go through a divorce, they can sometimes have difficulty deciding who gets to keep certain assets. The most typically contested asset in a divorce is the marital home. Naturally, this brings about some financial complications, but the situation may not be as complicated for Colorado residents as it first seems.

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