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October 2014 Archives

Halle Berry's family law issue -- wants child support reduction

As the societal role of women changes, modern women are facing new challenges. For example, more and more female breadwinners arise each year, totaling nearly 40 percent of all mothers in the country. If these couples choose to go through a divorce or breakup, in Colorado or anywhere else in the country, then most likely the father of the child may be the one to receive child support payments instead of the wife or girlfriend, which has not been commonplace in previous generations. Actress Halle Berry is now facing this family law dilemma.

Interesting correlations in gray divorce

It has now become a widely known fact that a particular type of divorce known as gray divorce is on the rise. A gray divorce is considered to be -- in Colorado as well as the rest of the country -- a divorce in which one or both separating spouses is over 50 years old. Recent research has found some very interesting correlations when comparing grey divorce to other age groups.

The benefit of a prenuptial agreement for couples in Colorado

Marriage is an exciting step that is made when the lives of a couple are joined. While the time surrounding a wedding is filled with anticipation, there are serious decisions that have to be made. A prenuptial agreement is one resource that couples can take advantage of to prevent future conflicts concerning finances and assets. Couples in Colorado preparing to get married have resources available to them that may assist in the decision-making process. 

Billionaire Ken Griffin says prenuptial agreement is valid

Although prenuptial agreements can be a solid tool for protecting assets and other financial interests in the event of a divorce, a soon-to-be ex may still argue that the agreement is unfair. However, invalidating a prenup is not necessarily easy, and it would also require the involvement of the court. Unfortunately, as some in Colorado may have noticed, billionaire Ken Griffin's divorce has been focused on whether the prenuptial agreement that he and his wife signed should be enforced.

A prenuptial agreement doesn't have to be a sign of a divorce

Many view prenuptial agreements as an end to their relationship. Some individuals feel that, if they were to bring up the subject, marriage would no longer be in their future. However, if Colorado residents are careful as to how they bring up the subject of a prenuptial agreement, it can be a smooth process that doesn't end in a break-up.

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