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2 steps on how to divide artwork during a divorce

When a married couple decides that they want to get a divorce, they may underestimate the scope of what assets there may be conflict over. For example, while the separating Colorado couple is focused on the larger, more apparent assets in the divorce proceedings -- such as the house, the car, etc. -- they may overlook assets such as artworks. In an effort to avoid disputes over who gets which artwork, there are a two vital steps the couple can use to help settle the issues.

Contrary to popular belief, postmarital agreements are an option

Many people believed in the past that a contract drawn up after the marriage was entered into might weaken the relationship. However, in many situations,  postmarital agreements can help a couple resolve issues that had been a source of contention. Colorado families may be interested in discovering how such a contract could potentially benefit them.

Divorce can be better for children than living in a hostile home

If a married couple decides that they want to get a Colorado divorce, often the first thought on their minds is their children. There is a lot of research out there about how a hostile divorce can have a negative impact on the children. Unfortunately, this research can sometimes lead parents who want to get a divorce to stay together because they think it would be better for their children. However, if handled properly, a divorce may actually be easier on children than living in a home where the parents no longer want to be together.

Military divorce presents many challenges

Military law in both the criminal and civil courts often include different standards than the normal stipulations. Additionally, these cases present different challenges as well regarding military pensions, deployment and child custody. Luckily, help is available in Colorado for any active or retired military member going through a military divorce.

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