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Several tips can help parents dealing with child custody issues

Breaking up with a spouse can be hard to do because of the emotional ties a person has had with the individual. Telling the kids about the breakup may feel even more emotionally exhausting because parents naturally fear that the divorce may negatively impact the kids, especially if child custody is being disputed. Although children may not initially accept the divorce in Colorado, a parent can take several steps to provide their children with needed support during this time.

When breaking the news about the divorce to the kids, it might help to schedule at least a couple of hours, as this gives the children plenty of time to inquire about the matter. It’s important that neither the dad nor mom blame each other for the divorce or badmouth the other person in front of the kids. This creates a situation where the children feel pressured to pick sides, which can be hard on them.

Also, if two parents are only thinking about divorcing and have not actually filed for divorce yet, it’s not a good time to tell the kids that a divorce may happen. This will only scare the kids unnecessarily, particularly if the two parents end up being able to work out their issues. If divorcing parents approach the situation from their children’s points of view, they can more effectively reassure the children that the parents will always love them even if they no longer love each other.

Sometimes engaging in mediation helps to minimize conflict during a divorce proceeding. Using a neutral third party to sort out child custody issues and then developing a parenting plan that best suits the family may make the situation easier for everyone to handle. Mediation is a helpful avenue for divorcing parents who prefer to avoid the potential stresses of litigation in Colorado.

Source: The Huffington Post, "9 Things To Consider Before Telling Your Kids About The Divorce", Armin Brott, July 26, 2014

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