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August 2014 Archives

Pet ownership can be negotiated during divorce

For many people, a pet is not simply an animal that lives in the person's home but a beloved member of the family. As such, it is only natural that some spouses considering divorce may have custody issues when it comes to their furry companions. Some Colorado individuals may even choose to include what is becoming known as a "pre-pup" in their prenuptial agreement.

Military divorce and deployment: the rights of deployed parents

Military divorce can be more complicated than an average divorce because of factors such as deployment. There are laws that pertain specifically to military divorce for the purpose of protecting the rights of deployed parents during a divorce. A recent custody case involving a sailor and his ex-wife illustrates the importance of these laws and the rights of military personnel.

8 choices that will make divorce more amicable

Deciding to get a divorce is likely difficult to do. Once that decision is made, there are several other areas that both separating spouses need to address. There are eight major areas of contention during and even after the divorce is finalized, which also means that there are eight choices both Colorado spouses can make to improve their chances of having an amicable divorce.

Key steps to take when preparing for divorce in Colorado

Choosing to get a divorce is sometimes a difficult decision to make. Typically, both parties have very emotional opinions on what they think they should do, and this stress may only make the circumstances harder with which to properly deal. However, there are a few steps that Colorado separating spouses would do well to address when considering filing for divorce.

Several tips can help parents dealing with child custody issues

Breaking up with a spouse can be hard to do because of the emotional ties a person has had with the individual. Telling the kids about the breakup may feel even more emotionally exhausting because parents naturally fear that the divorce may negatively impact the kids, especially if child custody is being disputed. Although children may not initially accept the divorce in Colorado, a parent can take several steps to provide their children with needed support during this time.

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