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July 2014 Archives

Collecting Social Security from an ex-spouse after divorce

Many separating spouses may assume that they will not be entitled to some of their ex's benefits -- such as Social Security -- upon divorce. However, that assumption is not always true. Some Colorado spousal or survivor benefit packages are based on one spouse's earnings history, meaning that the other spouse may be able to reap those benefits even after divorce.

5 steps for handling debt during divorce

It is no secret that a divorce, if not properly and fully planned out, can have an adverse affect on the separating spouse's finances, both at the time of the divorce and in the future. One major area of contention that can be difficult to properly address in Colorado divorce proceedings is debt. However, following five pre-divorce credit and debt repayment planning steps should greatly improve the financial situations for both parties and make for a smoother separation.

Legal challenges to a prenuptial agreement in Colorado

Before a couple gets married, they may have an idea of how they would like certain things like finances and property divided, as well as the amount of any alimony payments, if a divorce were to ever happen. These individuals may elect to execute a prenuptial agreement to detail these items. However, once the couple is married for a period of time, one or both spouse's financial situations may change. There are certain circumstances under which a prenup could get thrown out of court, in Colorado or anywhere else in the country.

Addressing retirement plans in the divorce process

A divorce in which finances were not properly addressed and divided can have very negative effects on the finances of both parties. One aspect that many people simply do not address during a divorce -- particularly during so-called gray divorces -- is retirement. If not properly addressed, or properly divided, it could have negative effects on the future of an individual seeking a Colorado divorce.

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