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Keeping divorce from affecting a career in Colorado

Due to copious amounts of research on the subject, the general public is well aware of the negative effects an improperly handled divorce can have on a person's emotional well-being as well as a couple's children. However, one topic that is not discussed as much is the impact divorce can have on a person's career. Those going through a divorce in Colorado should keep a few simple steps in mind that will help prevent divorce from interfering at work.

The statistics now show that out of every three persons who get married, one of them will get divorced at least once. Naturally, as the research has shown time and time again, divorce is often a very stressful situation. If a person is not careful, this stress can spill over into the workplace and can negatively affect one's career.

One obvious factor is to avoid office romances, as well as talking about the situation at work as a whole. If you make a conscious effort to keep divorce matters strictly at home, perhaps by way of making a checklist or ensuring that all calls are made from home, it should further help the situation. Lastly, but most importantly, be sure to make a concerted effort to maintain one's emotional well-being.

These steps may seem trivial at first, but if a person chooses to follow them, they could find that it helps their situation immensely. By keeping matters of divorce away from work, it can reduce the likelihood that this event will negatively impact a career. Also, helpful information and guidance is available to help reduce stress for any Colorado separating couple.

Source:, "Divorce can be a career limiting event if you aren't careful", Lee E. Miller, June 15, 2014

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