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Sickness may be a cause for divorce in Colorado

Many Colorado married couples feel that living out their days together "until death-do-us part" is how marriage should be. However, not everyone shares this point of view. A new study indicates that the divorce rate is high among couples in which one party suffers from a chronic condition.

The university study, whose results were recently made public, gathered data regarding the effects of sickness on divorce. The information was compiled over a span of 20 years and covered thousands of couples. Each couple had at least one member that was at least 50 years of age.

This study found that an astonishing 31 percent divorced. Other researchers noticed that 75 percent of couples that have dealt with a severe sickness between them ended in divorce. The numbers increase for older couples, especially when the wife is the one who is suffering from a chronic illness.

In fact, in most cases, the wife wanted the divorce. It is speculated that the pressure of caring for a sick loved one may be too overwhelming for a husband to deal with alone. It may also be possible that the wives do not feel they are getting the support they need from their husbands.

Regardless of the reason, or who made the decision, getting a Colorado divorce is rarely easy. When an illness is added into the mix, it can make the situation even more challenging for both parties. Reaching a divorce settlement amicably may allow both parties to walk away from the marriage while attempting not to add any additional stress to an already difficult time.

Source: Time, "Couples Are More Likely to Get Divorced if the Wife Gets Sick", Alexandra Sifferlin, May 1, 2014

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