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Discussing a prenuptial agreement without ruining the engagement

The Colorado wedding season is about to begin, and many engaged couples are finalizing their wedding plans. Some of those couples are also finalizing their prenuptial agreement. These agreements may be gaining in popularity, but many people still consider it unromantic.

However, negotiating a prenup does not have to ruin the engagement. Bringing up the subject may be the hardest part. Some people still consider these agreements as simply a preparation for divorce. This insinuates that the party wanting the prenup does not think the marriage will last.

However, couples are waiting longer to get married or have been married before. There could be children from a prior marriage to consider. Many couples have also already acquired significant assets that the parties want to remain separate during the marriage and in the event of a divorce. If these issues are not dealt with prior to the nuptials, the parties could encounter trouble later.

No newly engaged couple likes to consider the possibility that the marriage will not last. However, with the high percentage of marriages ending in divorce, it only makes sense to be prepared. Having an open and honest discussion about finances could end up bringing the couple closer together. Knowing how each party approaches money matters could also be helpful. Making decisions on how to deal with different approaches might avoid confrontations during the marriage.

The time between the engagement and the wedding is often cherished by Colorado couples. It may seem insensitive to burst that bubble with prenuptial agreement negotiations, but it may be necessary. If the couple does get divorced, a properly drafted and executed agreement can simplify the process and allow the parties to move on more quickly.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Do Prenups Ruin Romance?", Mindy Utay, May 7, 2014

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