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Treating a Colorado divorce like a business deal

When a Colorado couple makes the decision to file for divorce, the parties have made the conscious decision and the first step to becoming individuals again. After that, there are many stressful details to consider. The separation of property like the family home, financial benefits like stocks and bank accounts must be carefully thought through during the divorce proceedings.

According to the Census Bureau, for every two people who get married, there is one person who is getting divorced. No matter what stage the marriage is at, from newlyweds to those married for decades, any couple can get divorced. When couples decide to divorce, it is usually when tempers are flared. Making important decisions regarding the future in this heated mindset can be damaging. Keeping calm is a smart move can only benefit an individual in the end.

Undoubtedly, divorce can be an emotional roller coaster, as many Colorado residents already know. To retain as much as possible from the marriage, it might be wise to think of it like an important business deal. Having a game plan in place is always helpful. Getting the parties' financial affairs in order is crucial to a successfully negotiated settlement.

Getting copies of credit reports and bank account information ahead of time may not only benefit the court, but could also remind the parties of what joint accounts need to be changed or cancelled during the proceedings or after the divorce is final. Knowing Colorado divorce laws can help tremendously during the process. Being prepared can make the divorce an easier transition towards a fresh start on life.

Source: Miami Herald, Financial advice for divorce: It's a business deal, so keep emotions out of it, Julie Landry Laviolette, Feb. 28, 2014

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