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March 2014 Archives

Manuel Mehos awarded child custody of his two children

Many Colorado families might have heard or read about the recent verdict in the child custody case of Green Bank's chairman, Manuel Mehos, regarding his two children. Like many other parents who are trying to do what is best for their children, Mehos was not about to give up without a fight. Unfortunately, his efforts in the child custody case have made national headlines.

Can pre-marital cohabitation lead to divorce in Colorado couples?

Like most people, Colorado married couples probably grew up with the warning that living together would not work out and lead to divorce. These days, many couples are left wondering if this old-wives-tale is still true. Many couples do not believe it is, and a recent study about whether cohabitation actually leads to divorce may back them up.

Marital debt and divorce mediation for Colorado couples

As Colorado residents are likely aware, marital debt refers to any debt accrued during a marriage. The parties usually split these debts in the settlement negotiated during divorce mediation. Many couples think that when a divorce is final, any debt they do not agree to assume after the divorce is no longer his or her responsibility. Unfortunately, this may not be the case.

Treating a Colorado divorce like a business deal

When a Colorado couple makes the decision to file for divorce, the parties have made the conscious decision and the first step to becoming individuals again. After that, there are many stressful details to consider. The separation of property like the family home, financial benefits like stocks and bank accounts must be carefully thought through during the divorce proceedings.

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