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The separation of friends in a Colorado divorce

When Colorado couples announce they are getting divorced, they often discover the difference between who is a real friend and who is not. Couples tend to share at least a certain number of friends, and when it comes time to divorce, those friends may take sides. With all of the emotional upheaval already going on for the parties involved, this can be a distraction and unintended source of additional heartache.

When the news of an impending divorce becomes public, most of the couple's close friends are already aware of the situation and have already decided with whom they are going to remain friends. It is only human nature to do so. This can be difficult for the divorcing parties to understand and can cause a great deal of resentment. However, it may be better to take this opportunity to realize who are real friends to each individual and let the rest go.

Then there are friends who feel uncomfortable being caught in the middle of an awkward situation. For example, a mutual friend may invite both parties to a gathering. It can be difficult not to make a scene or be upset with the friend. However, it may help to look at the situation from the host's perspective at least he or she is trying to be fair. Losing a friend for trying to be neutral is not worth it.

Having a solid support system and sound legal advice through the tough times in a divorce is important to anyone in Colorado. However, the divorcing spouses may want to guard against being caught up in a friend tug-of-war when issues that are more important require their attention. Once a divorce settlement is negotiated and the spouses are legally free to move on with their lives as individuals, there will be plenty of time to make new friends and nurture the friends that stuck by each of the parties during the difficult transition.

Source:, Life After Divorce: Who Gets Custody of the Friends?, Ann Pietrangelo, Feb. 3, 2014

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