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February 2014 Archives

Child custody laws could change to give parents equal time

In the past, non-custodial Colorado parents had to arrange for visitation with their children as a part of a custody agreement during divorce. Some courts have started growing out of the archaic mindset of calling it visitation since a growing number of parents want to remain active in their children's lives regardless of the couple's relationship status. The idea of joint child custody or co-parenting is something that some lawmakers are looking into instituting.

Colorado prenuptial agreement has benefits

Many Colorado residents realize that the need for a prenuptial agreement is no longer just for the rich and powerful. In the past, such an agreement was used almost exclusively by the wealthy. A prenuptial agreement was seen as a way to preserve the family name fortune by protecting its assets from being pieced away during a divorce.

The separation of friends in a Colorado divorce

When Colorado couples announce they are getting divorced, they often discover the difference between who is a real friend and who is not. Couples tend to share at least a certain number of friends, and when it comes time to divorce, those friends may take sides. With all of the emotional upheaval already going on for the parties involved, this can be a distraction and unintended source of additional heartache.

Is a prenuptial agreement right for most Colorado couples?

A prenuptial agreement, as many Colorado residents might already know, is a legally binding contract for a couple to agree upon prior to marriage. Traditionally, wealthy individuals have used these agreements, but now many couples are realizing that it is not necessary to be rich in order to benefit from one. Many couples are using a prenuptial agreement as a safeguard to protect the assets that they own prior to marriage.

Getting a Colorado divorce while pregnant

There is one thing that most Colorado wives might agree on, and that is the unmistakable glow of an expectant mother. It seems that almost everyone loves babies. However, the discussion of divorce can dim that glow. One question that might be raised by some expectant mothers is how to deal with a divorce while pregnant.

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