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Colorado divorce can put a damper on the holiday season

Many Colorado couples know there may never be a right time to tell family members the couple is getting a divorce. If children are involved, the last thing that anyone might want to do is to have the best holiday of the year remembered as the time when their parents filed for divorce and the household changed forever. For this reason, many couples wait until after the holidays to announce their intention to end their marriage.

Couples may decide to try to seem happy when they are really holding back feelings of dread. Dread that someday soon, the news of the impending divorce will come out. Maybe that is why January is unofficially called the month of divorce. All of the couples that were waiting until the holidays were over to file are now making their way to the courthouse.

For children, the holiday season would be a heart wrenching time in their life if their parents announced at that time that the family was splitting up. That is why parents may go over the top and try to make up ahead of time for their future announcement by buying lavish gifts and being overly friendly to even the most annoying of relatives during the season. Making the children have a last good holiday season is what matters to most Colorado parents at this point. Many adults know that the holidays are stressful to begin with, and it only takes one bad season to possibly haunt and steal future holidays.

Unfortunately, having to wait might take its toll on the couple emotionally. On the other hand, a great holiday season may remind the couple of all the good times they have shared. This could foster a spirit of cooperation when the divorce is filed and the settlement negotiations begin. Even as the couple works to end their marriage and separate their assets, they will forever remain parents. The smoother the divorce process goes, the better the future could be not only for the parties, but the children as well.

Source: Huffington Post, Merry Divorce? Why It's So Hard to Call It Quits During the Holidays, Abby Rodman, Dec. 13, 2013

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