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Clint Eastwood wants prenuptial agreement enforced

As many Colorado residents may have noticed from reading supermarket tabloids, most famous couples sign a prenuptial agreement prior to marriage. This is not saying that actors anticipate that they may get divorced, but those with more disposable income tend to prepare should the worst occur. For instance, even after 17 years of marriage, Clint Eastwood and his wife are getting a divorce. The couple has a prenuptial agreement that Eastwood is asking the court to enforce.

Eastwood and his soon-to-be former news anchor wife, Dina Eastwood, have two major points of contention in their divorce. One of them is spousal support. Court documents filed by Eastwood request his estranged spouse be denied any spousal support and cites the terms of the couple's mutually agreed upon prenuptial agreement.

The second point is custody of their teenage daughter. Eastwood's wife is requesting full physical custody while Eastwood, on the other hand, is asking for joint physical custody. It appears the couple did not include child custody arrangements in their prenuptial agreement. Therefore, if the parties are unable to come to an agreement on their own regarding custody, the court will make a decision for them after reviewing arguments from both parties.

Divorce is never an easy time in anyone's life. The emotions involved in a divorce can make the process challenging. Deconstructing a life built together into separate lives is problematic at best. Issues ranging from child custody to property division need to be addressed whether by the parties themselves or by the court. As many Colorado residents may have experienced themselves, a prenuptial agreement can sometimes make the difference between ending a marriage in bitter complication or separating amicably and moving forward to a happy new beginning.

Source:, Clint Eastwood Divorce -- No Way I'm Paying her Spousal Support!, No author, Dec. 20, 2013

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