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Drinking may not always be a cause a divorce in Colorado

As most Colorado couples may attest, a married couple can get into an argument over sometimes trivial things. From the way they drive to how they fold laundry or make the bed. Nevertheless, few may realize that whether or not drinking habits are shared between a couple could be a weighing factor of how long a marriage may last before ending in divorce.

A recent study conducted by researchers from the University of Buffalo have discovered that couples with similar drinking habits were almost 20 percent less likely to divorce than those who have significantly different drinking patterns. This comes from the group of couples that was monitored during their first nine years together as a married couple. This might suggest that alcohol consumption may not be a major contributing factor in divorce cases after all.

A similar study conducted by the Norwegian Institute on public health had findings that were in line with the University of Buffalo study. However, the Norwegians used data from a higher number of couples (19,977), and also concluded that couples who drink in similar quantities are less likely to split up. These studies also showed that if one party was a heavy drinker, it seemed more likely that they would divorce by their ninth anniversary.

There are no shortage of studies attempting to figure out exactly what causes couples to divorce. However, most often, the reasons are different for each couple, and may not even matter when it comes down to it if both partners simply are not happy with a marriage. What matters is that Colorado couples do what they can to end their marriages in a manner that leaves each party feeling as though they have received a fair and equitable settlement.

Source: Huffington Post, Couples' Drinking Habits May Predict Likelihood Of Divorce, Study Finds, No author, Nov. 22, 2013

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