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Dealing with divorce depression in Colorado

Many here in Colorado who have been through a divorce know the emotional devastation that it leaves in its wake. The endless stream of questions that race through one's mind after a divorce can almost drive someone to a dark place in his or her life. The first step in getting on with a new life is to leave the old one behind and know that a happy ending is waiting.

It begins with knowing there are hurdles that one has to jump before starting a new life. Some things will be difficult, while others may seem easier to handle. When a marriage comes to an end, it is rarely the doing of just the husband or just the wife. Both sides are usually contributors. There may have been warning signs that were overlooked by one or both parties.

With a tidal wave of emotions like disbelief, confusion, regret and even fear, it can be difficult to take the first step in realizing that it probably will be fine in the end. Self-doubt is the worst trap during the beginning of the healing process after a divorce. It doesn't matter who said or did what, the goal now is for each party to gain control and work together -- not just for each other but for the children as well.

Life after a divorce is possible. However, it may take some sacrifices and compromises that one might never have considered before. Happiness is the final goal for each party. To make the uncertain future a little easier to deal with, the parties can put aside their personal feelings about each other in order to come to a mutually agreed upon settlement that will ultimately enable each party to move forward. Regardless of what issues a divorcing Colorado couple may have, working together and knowing what to expect can solve those problems with the least amount of stress.

Source:, How To Move On From Your Divorce Blues, No author, Nov. 17, 2013

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