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November 2013 Archives

Drinking may not always be a cause a divorce in Colorado

As most Colorado couples may attest, a married couple can get into an argument over sometimes trivial things. From the way they drive to how they fold laundry or make the bed. Nevertheless, few may realize that whether or not drinking habits are shared between a couple could be a weighing factor of how long a marriage may last before ending in divorce.

Dealing with divorce depression in Colorado

Many here in Colorado who have been through a divorce know the emotional devastation that it leaves in its wake. The endless stream of questions that race through one's mind after a divorce can almost drive someone to a dark place in his or her life. The first step in getting on with a new life is to leave the old one behind and know that a happy ending is waiting.

Surviving the holidays as a parent after a Colorado divorce

The holidays can be such an emotional time of year, as most Colorado residents may already know. It becomes more complicated when children are involved. After a divorce, the holiday season can sometimes seem like a nightmare for a noncustodial parent. Letting the children pick new traditions and activities that can be shared by all may alleviate some of the sadness.

Using experts during the divorce process in Colorado

People in Colorado that are getting divorced typically have many questions. People usually turn to friends or relatives, but they may have questions or issues that family and friends are just not able to deal with or answer. Finding an expert in a particular field, such as a financial advisor or an appraiser, may help answer questions and assist in preparing for divorce negotiations and court proceedings, if necessary.

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