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October 2013 Archives

Business people know the importance of a prenuptial agreement

When most Colorado residents hear someone is getting a prenuptial agreement, it can come with the stigma that someone is planning a way out of their marriage. For business professionals, thinking ahead is a way of life to ensure that their successful ventures continue to thrive no matter what happens to them personally. It is not necessarily a bad thing to prepare for the worst-case scenario and hope for the best outcome, which is where a prenuptial agreement can help.

What happens to the house in a Colorado divorce

One of the biggest and most complicated assets a couple deal with during the divorce process is the marital home. Deciding what to do with it can sometimes shape how things proceed during the divorce. If the parties are able to agree easily on the disposition of the house, other issues may go more smoothly. If the parties are not able to agree, the decision may have to be left up to a Colorado judge.

The basics needs of child custody in a divorce

Colorado parents may agree that they all love their children and want the best for them. A person's parental responsibilities do not end just because the marriage does. Child custody is an important factor in dealing with a divorce that involves children. The idea of "co-parenting" or joint custody may be a viable solution for most divorcing spouses. The child's future welfare may hinge on how the parents work together.

TV Reality star is getting $4M from prenuptial agreement

It is sad to hear that any Colorado couple has decided on getting a divorce. However, it is hardly new to hear that couples in Hollywood are calling it quits. This is the case for reality television star Khloe Kardashian and NBA star Lamar Odom. Kardashian is reportedly getting over $4 million from the couple's prenuptial agreement.

Men and financial obligation in Colorado divorce

Sometimes options such as counseling no longer work, and it seems as if no other option but divorce is left. Most Colorado couples know that divorce can be a scary concept. There is no magic handbook to help guide anyone though this emotional time. Men are generally not equipped to deal with their feelings as women are.

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