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Reality television star finalizes divorce and vows to co-parent

It's not easy for a couple to make a marriage work while under the spot light. So when a reality television star gets a divorce, it may not be surprising. When "Real Housewife" star Adrienne Maloof and her husband Paul Nassif separated, they were still committed to raising their children together.

Colorado movie and television fans know that many celebrity marriages end badly. Celebrity divorces usually become very public with a lot of drama and negative publicity. However, what happens if a couple that is in the public eye can no longer make their marriage work and they have children? For some couples, it is difficult to even remain civil to each other and work together to raise their children. Maloof and Nassif have made a conscious decision to put their children first.

After nearly a year long and difficult divorce settlement, this former couple decided that their three children's needs were not being met. Maloof and her now former husband got out of the limelight to think of what their children needed. They came to the conclusion that many Colorado parents also come to they need their parents. They might not be under the same roof anymore but they can parent together nevertheless.

When a marriage ends, there is still hope as parents. Just because someone files for divorce, it doesn't mean that the other party has to completely step away from the family. The hope is that when children are involved, one or the other of the parents doesn't have to be just a weekend parent and an agreement can be made to co-parent the children. Both parents can remain equally involved in their children's lives. If a couple is able to do that after a divorce, then everyone wins.

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