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Divorce litigation funding options for Colorado spouses

When divorce is on the horizon, many Colorado spouses worry about how to cover their litigation costs. This is an issue across the socioeconomic spectrum, as even wealthy spouses can find themselves on the receiving end of a controlling partner who seeks to limit their access to marital funds. Not being able to adequately litigate for one's rights can lead a spouse to settle for far less than is deserved during a divorce, which can have a lasting negative effect on their future financial stability.

One answer to this problem lies in taking out a short term loan to cover the costs of litigation. One company, BBL Churchill, offers ending services aimed at wealthy spouses who can easily repay a loan once their divorce is complete, but who may struggle with a reduced cash flow between filing and the final decree. The loans can be used to pay for legal services, or to cover living expenses until the divorce is final.

Once the process is complete, the short term loan is repaid through the proceeds gained during the property division portion of the divorce. The sale of property is another source of repayment funds, depending on the situation of each borrower. In addition, clients are provided with the consultation services of a lending specialist who is also a former divorce attorney.

Many Colorado spouses hesitate at the thought of taking out a loan during such a tumultuous time. However, in some cases this may be the only option for spouses who are cash poor but asset rich. In the end, with the proper level of litigation, high asset spouses can end up with a far more favorable divorce settlement by using a short term loan than if they cannot pay to fight for their rights.

Source: ABC News, "'Fairy Godmother' Levels Financial Playing Field in Divorces," Linsey Davis, July 9, 2013

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