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Colorado divorce does not have to hurt kids' summer fun

The summer months are the perfect time for families to spend time together doing fun activities. Just because one is going through a divorce does not mean his or her children have to miss out on the Colorado summer fun. Even though divorce can be difficult and put stress on not just the parents but the children as well, parents should always put their children's needs and well-being ahead of their own. Divorcing parents should work on putting aside their differences and coming together to help their children have a great summer.

It is always best, but not always easy, to keep fights between spouses away from the children. This may be especially difficult since the children are out from school on summer break. There are many simple activities a separating couple can plan with their children that should not cause stress or tension on the parents.

There are some activities that the parents need to coordinate together such as the summer budget and whether or not the children will go to summer camp. There are also many activities that one parent can do with the children, and the parents can take turns with who gets to have the children. These activities could include weekend getaways, visiting the local library, arts and crafts or cooking together.

The best way to help one's child relish the fun times they will have this summer in Colorado is to find a way to document their fun activities. For example, one could help the children create a blog with pictures from each week to showcase all the fun they have had. Divorce can be much less stressful for all involved if the children can still have a great time this summer while the proceedings are going on. Of course, when post divorce child custody issues cannot be resolved amicably, help is available to fashion a solution that is truly in the kids' best interests.

Source: Huffington Post, "Don't Let Your Kids Divorce the Summer," Lois Tarter, July 3, 2013

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