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Colorado child custody: Couple seeks custody of grandchild

A couple was surprised to know they were becoming grandparents way too soon. Their daughter, who was 14 years old at the time, became pregnant by a then 19-year-old soldier. The couple has petitioned the court for custody of their grandchild presumably since their daughter is too young to care for the child. Colorado readers may be surprised to know that the biological father of the child has entered this child custody case asking for visitation.

The young girl and now former soldier were introduced by friends they both shared. The teen discovered she was pregnant in Dec. 2010. The soldier ended up facing charges in connection with his relationship with the girl. The family agreed to allow the military to try him, and he was acquitted of all charges relating to the young girl.

Now, the baby's grandparents are trying to keep the young man from seeing the child. They want the court to terminate his parental rights instead of granting him visitation rights. The baby's mother has said that she wants nothing more to do with the baby's father, including taking any child support from him.

The court in the jurisdiction where the family lives set a hearing on these matters. Only time will tell what decision the court will make. As is the case here in Colorado, the driving force in any child custody case is to do what is in the best interest of the child. In this case, the decisions made could potentially affect the rest of this child's life. The court will have to balance the needs of this child with the desires of everyone involved -- not always an easy task.

Source:, "Man seeks custody of child he fathered with 14-year-old Missouri girl," June 18, 2013

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