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June 2013 Archives

Colorado child custody: Couple seeks custody of grandchild

A couple was surprised to know they were becoming grandparents way too soon. Their daughter, who was 14 years old at the time, became pregnant by a then 19-year-old soldier. The couple has petitioned the court for custody of their grandchild presumably since their daughter is too young to care for the child. Colorado readers may be surprised to know that the biological father of the child has entered this child custody case asking for visitation.

Tips for buying a Colorado home after divorce

For individuals emerging from divorce, the future is wide open, full of possibilities and second chances. In many cases, newly divorced men and women set out to structure their new lives by purchasing a home. The process of choosing a Colorado home that suits one's own needs and desires is a very empowering experience. However, there are often financial matters related to the divorce that will require careful attention before an individual is able to obtain a new mortgage.

Controlling the length and cost of a Colorado divorce

Many Colorado spouses dread filing for divorce, often due to feeling powerless about the process. Spouses feel that they have no control over how lengthy or expensive their divorce may be, and are unsure how disruptive the transition could become. There is good news, however, in a recently published article that outlines how spouses can take control over their divorce and minimize the time, cost and stress associated with the end of a Colorado marriage.

Tips for Colorado dads facing child custody struggles

Over the past few generations, American society has definitely changed in the way that parenthood and gender roles are approached. More women have returned to the workforce, and many men choose to stay at home and shoulder the bulk of the child-rearing responsibilities. However, the Colorado legal system has been slow to adapt to these changes, and in many cases men still face an uphill battle when it comes to securing equal child custody rights at the end of a marriage.

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