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Tips for parents in midst of a Colorado divorce

Residents of Colorado may be familiar with divorce. Divorce can be an emotional trying time and those involved sometimes experience grief, anger, hurt and despair. On top of these emotions, there are still additional stressors outside of divorce to deal with such as work, kids and paying the bills. Divorce can be hard on the husband and wife, but it is often even more trying for the children involved. Parents can help smooth over the waters and help everybody involved get through the troubling times.

Even if the parents can't stand one another, it is perhaps best to avoid reflecting on any negativity in the kids' presence. Kids are smart, and it is rarely a good idea to argue or blame on the other parent in front of them. The preferred approach is to work toward coming to terms with fact that a marriage is over. Those parents that can work together to move may be in the best position to be good parents, regardless of who did what and why.

When negotiating a custody agreement, it's best to do it with the best interests of the children in mind, as opposed to focusing on any problems that continue to exist between the parents. It will likely make the divorce process more comfortable for the kids. If the parties agree to co-parent, those that are able to have confidence in the other party -- even in the face of minor disagreements -- may foster the best environment for the health and well being of any children involved.

Mediation may help resolve short and long term issues. This may help everyone get use to change and address an acceptable arrangement that is also truly in the best interests of the children. There are resources available in Colorado to aid in the divorce process and to help both parties achieve a comprehensive and fair agreement. There are also resources available to provide families with counseling and skills to work together after the divorce is finalized.

Source: Fox News, "4 tips for parents going through divorce," Tina Paone, April 21, 2013

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