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April 2013 Archives

Parents kidnap their own children after child custody battle

For a parent, there can be few events more stressful than being faced with the risk or reality of losing their right to raise their own child. Child custody cases are among the most heavily litigated and contentious forms of law that come before the courts, in Colorado or elsewhere. However, even in the midst of emotionally trying times, it is important that parents follow the rules and procedures outlined within state law to fight for their parental rights.

How to invest Colorado divorce settlement proceeds

At the end of a Colorado divorce, many spouses receive a windfall in the form of a cash settlement. This can come from the sale of marital property, or could be a one-time payment in lieu of alimony. Regardless of where the money comes from, where it goes is of top concern. By wisely investing the proceeds from divorce, newly single spouses can build toward a stringer financial future or secure their retirement needs.

Filing the first tax return following one's Colorado divorce

Divorce brings on a lot of changes to Colorado residents. Adjusting to the differences between living as a married couple and life as a single person can take time, and in many cases is a joyful process. Tax time presents a challenge, however, and filing for the first time after divorce can be more of a challenge than in years past.

Reasons to be the first to file for divorce

For Colorado spouses who feel certain that divorce is on the horizon, it is a savvy decision to prepare for that eventuality. No one wants to be surprised by a sudden or unexpected divorce filing. In addition, aside from the emotional effects of being blindsided, there are a number of financial and legal considerations that make being the first to file a wise choice.

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