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February 2013 Archives

"Secret" savings can help a spouse weather a divorce

When preparing to divorce, many Colorado spouses feel the need to set aside money in a 'secret' or 'hidden' account. This can arise from fear that the other party may try to restrict access to shared bank accounts, or could otherwise restrict their spouse's financial standing in the timeframe between filing and reaching a final divorce settlement. While there are a range of benefits associated with having access to money during this period, there are also risks that come with establishing a secret account.

Couples with different drinking habits more likely to divorce

When a married couple does not share the same approach toward alcohol consumption, a number of difficulties can arise. The issue can bring a great deal of contention to a marriage, and can even eventually lead to divorce. While many Colorado residents who are involved in this type of relationship do not find this assumption surprising, a recent study backs up the concept.

Family law: Man ordered to stop having children

Colorado readers will likely have heard of a recent controversial child support ruling that is making headlines across the nation. The ruling is connected to a child support hearing in which a man was accused of owing more than $100,000 for child support to four children fathered with four different women. The ruling has many in the area of family law questioning whether the judge has gone too far in exerting his power.

Divorce brings tax savings to high-income couples

When it comes to divorce, many Colorado spouses bemoan the negative impact that the change in family structure will have on their finances. Issues of property division can decimate one's savings and investments, and issues surrounding alimony and child support can also pack an expensive punch. However, according to one recent report, some high-earning couples could walk away from divorce with significant tax savings.

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