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Tips to ease the divorce process for Colorado spouses

January marks the month with the highest volume of divorce filings nationwide. Many unhappy spouses in Colorado will wait until the holidays are over to move toward a divorce, others are inspired to restructure their lives by the promises of a new year. For those who are considering such a move, a bit of pre planning can make a huge difference in the eventual outcome of a divorce, and can also go a long way toward easing the divorce process.

One of the most contentious portions of the divorce process involves having to ask the other party for important financial documents. Each attorney will need to carefully review these documents to structure a fair division of property. However, when one spouse is unhappy about the end of the marriage or seeks to withhold information, the process can become nasty and needlessly expensive as the attorneys wrangle over access to financial statements. The best way to avoid this scenario is to simply gather all necessary financial documents before filing. This paperwork includes all deeds, investment and banking statements, credit card information and other account documents.

Another important consideration involves being vigilant for signs of hidden assets. When reviewing documents, keep an eye out for any transfers of property to friends and family members, as this is a common tactic that spouses use to reduce family assets in the months or years leading to divorce. Another consideration is whether a spouse may have a secret safety deposit box or other means of hiding cash or documents.

Taking these and other precautions can help Colorado spouses ensure that they receive a fair settlement at the end of the divorce process. By being prepared, it is also possible to drastically reduce arguments concerning the availability of documents or other financial information. While divorce can be a challenging time, it is important to remember that it is a process, and one that has a distinct beginning and end. The final result will be a new life structured the way that you desire. Making solid financial choices during divorce can greatly affect one's financial security in the years ahead.

Source: Forbes, "Five Best Financial Tips for Women Divorcing in 2013," Jeff Landers, Dec.18, 2012

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