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January 2013 Archives

Real estate appraisals can be valuable divorce tools

Colorado spouses who are preparing to divorce have a multitude of issues to attend to. The process can seem overwhelming, and it can be difficult to know where to begin. One area of concern involves real estate holdings owned by the family, and how to appropriately distribute those holdings during the divorce. When working with real estate transactions, a professional appraisal can be a valuable tool, regardless of whether a couple plans to sell or keep their primary residence.

Poorly processed adoption leads to emotional child custody case

Colorado readers who would consider adopting a child into their family should take note of a recent court case that demonstrates the risks associated with a poorly managed adoption process. The unusual child custody battle has made headlines across the nation, and serves as a warning to not only adoptive families, but to expecting fathers. Sadly, the entire proceeding could have been avoided had the adoption agency at the center of the case acted responsibly toward all parties.

Deadbeat Parent' arrest not ideal family law outcome

Colorado parents may be aware of the recent initiative on the part of the federal Department of Justice, aimed at arresting and prosecuting parents who are in significant arrears on their child support obligations. The Department recently released a profile of the 'Most Wanted Deadbeat Parent,' which has garnered a great deal of media attention. For parents who have family law needs in regard to past due child support payments, the story serves as a cautionary tale.

Tips to ease the divorce process for Colorado spouses

January marks the month with the highest volume of divorce filings nationwide. Many unhappy spouses in Colorado will wait until the holidays are over to move toward a divorce, others are inspired to restructure their lives by the promises of a new year. For those who are considering such a move, a bit of pre planning can make a huge difference in the eventual outcome of a divorce, and can also go a long way toward easing the divorce process.

January may be a wise time to file for divorce in Colorado

Now that the holidays are behind us, many Colorado residents are looking ahead to setting goals and making changes in the year ahead. For many spouses, those changes include filing for divorce. While most individuals spend a great deal of time and effort reaching a decision to end their marriage, some fail to consider the best timing to begin that process.

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