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December 2012 Archives

Colorado adoption both aided and harmed by technology

When it comes to technology, there can be little debate that the advancements seen in the past 50 years have been nothing short of astounding. In regard to communications, availability of information and the exchange of ideas, technology, especially the rise of the Internet, has greatly altered the way that we live. Virtually everything about the way that we conduct our lives has changed and evolved to accommodate the digital age, and the Colorado adoption process is no exception.

Pot smoker wins child custody appeal, retains care of son

Colorado residents may have heard of a recent child custody decision that has received media coverage across the nation. The case involves a father who uses medical marijuana to treat chronic arthritis pain. The child protective services department in his area believed that his use of the drug had negative effects on his ability to parent. A recent child custody court order was subject to a number of limitations on his rights to parent his 2-year-old son.

Grandparents raising grandkids face family law challenges

Many Colorado grandparents are raising a second generation of children, according to newly released statistics. While there are a number of unique scenarios that lead to this type of family structure, all grandparents who take on a parental role toward their grandchildren face a shared set of legal difficulties in regard to family law issues. The American Association of Retired Persons, in partnership with Generations United, the Children's Defense Fund and others, assert that as many as 5.8 million children are living under the care of grandparents.

Child custody matters complicated by parent's disability

When it comes to one's rights, the ability to care for and obtain custody of children is often paramount. Any Colorado parent who has been through the process of obtaining custody or visitation rights knows how difficult and emotional that process can be. Unfortunately, not all parents enjoy this right as fully as others, a concern that has prompted a study by the National Council on Disability on child custody matters as they pertain to persons living with a disability.

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