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Colorado women must include insurance in spousal support

A recently released study by a major university suggests that women in Colorado and across the nation are at a high risk of losing their health insurance following their divorce. This information demonstrates the need to carefully negotiate one's divorce agreement to ensure that every important item is adequately addressed. Those who are seeking spousal support should be sure to include health insurance in the calculations used to reach the payment amount.

The study asserts that approximately 65,000 women can expect to lose their health insurance coverage in the timeframe immediately following their divorce. Those at the highest risk levels include women from moderate-income families and those who rely on their husband's employment benefits to provide their health coverage. Higher income women can often afford their own coverage, and low-income women may qualify for public health programs.

Women who work and those who have a high level of education had lower rates of lost health care coverage. However, neither of those indicators can sufficiently protect a woman from losing her insurance. Many women only work part-time outside of the home or work in jobs that do not offer health benefits.

This report underscores the importance of including every likely expense in one's post-marriage budgeting. By understanding what the costs of maintaining a lifestyle will be before the divorce is final, Colorado women have a greater ability to negotiate for a spousal support amount that is sufficient to cover their future needs. This includes the cost of obtaining and keeping heath care coverage.

Source:, "For Thousands of Women, Costs Of Divorce Include Health Coverage," Alan McStravick, Nov. 13, 2012

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