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November 2012 Archives

'Grey Divorce' increases among older Colorado residents

Colorado residents may have noted the increase among older people who are choosing to file for divorce. Recent divorce actions between Al and Tipper Gore and Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman show this trend within celebrity culture, and it can be found within our own social circles, as well. When older couples seek a divorce, they face a set of issues that are different from their younger counterparts. This leads to the need for a different approach when it comes to divorce negotiations.

Colorado women must include insurance in spousal support

A recently released study by a major university suggests that women in Colorado and across the nation are at a high risk of losing their health insurance following their divorce. This information demonstrates the need to carefully negotiate one's divorce agreement to ensure that every important item is adequately addressed. Those who are seeking spousal support should be sure to include health insurance in the calculations used to reach the payment amount.

Family law issues exponentially complex across borders

When a Colorado couple divorces, there are a wide range of issues that must be addressed throughout the process. When a couple contains a spouse that holds dual citizenship, the process can quickly become extremely complex. Family law issues are handled very differently in other countries, and both parties will likely weigh the pros and cons of completing their divorce in all possible locales.

Divorce focus: Making wise choices when dividing real estate

Colorado couples who are entering the divorce process should be prepared to cover a wide range of issues in a relatively short period of time. It is imperative to understand that decisions made during the negotiation process can have lasting consequences. In addition, once the divorce is final there is little chance of making changes down the line.

Child custody case arises in the wake of family tragedy

When a child loses one or both parents in a sudden or violent manner, the emotional ramifications can be devastating. Children in such a scenario often are immediately removed from their familiar surroundings, and may not be able to emotionally capable of processing the loss of their parents. A current case making headlines in Colorado and across the nation highlights some of the legal difficulties that can arise when multiple parties fight for child custody in the aftermath of tragedy.

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