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October 2012 Archives

Child custody matters are rarely one size fits all

No matter how contentious the split, divorcing parents should take the time to fully understand the legal process of determining child custody. Even when parents are caught up in the details of property division, it is almost always preferable to work out a child custody arrangement between parties than to approach a Colorado family court judge and ask for a determination to be made.

Couple back in court over settlement after divorce process ends

Sports fans in Colorado may have followed the drawn-out and highly contentious divorce between Dodgers baseball team owners Frank and Jamie McCourt. Their marriage ended in 2010, when Jamie McCourt agreed to a divorce settlement that paid her $131 million for her community property claim with respect to ownership of the team. However, it appears that the couple is headed back to court nearly a year following the end of their divorce process.

Long-running child custody battle takes criminal turn

Colorado residents may be aware of a West Coast child custody case that is making headlines across the nation. The case has been in and out of the courts for nearly a decade, as two parents struggle over issues concerning custody issues and the visitation schedule of the father. This story, while unlike a great majority of custody cases, demonstrates how easily a child custody case can become incredibly complex.

"Real Housewives" star and husband dispute child custody

The popular television show 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' revolves around the daily dramas of a group of wealthy housewives. While Colorado viewers may debate the authenticity of many of the show's storylines, one couple featured on the hit show are going through a very dramatic and very public divorce. Currently, they are struggling over issues of child custody. The pair has been back to court on the matter, and a judge has made a decision that strictly limits one spouse's access to the couple's three children.

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