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September 2012 Archives

Divorce: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

When it comes to divorce, a significant portion of the negotiation and stress centers on issues related to money. For Colorado couples preparing to divorce, the first step toward determining your financial future is understanding your financial present.

Technology can help or hinder Colorado child custody matters

Parents in Colorado know how significantly technology has changed our ability to communicate. We are a generation that has witnessed astounding advancements in the manner in which we keep in touch. Email, cell phones and text messaging are all options that were not available to even our own parents. When it comes to child custody matters, the range of communication options can make the exchange of information between divorced parents much easier. However, technology can also be misused, making it even more difficult to communicate on matters involving children.

Grandparents' rights: Navigating tricky waters in family divorce

When a person's child goes through a divorce, the role of being a parent and grandparent becomes complicated. While the instinct may be to rush to your son or daughter's defense and offer parental advice, there may be better ways to help ease the transition for your loved ones.

Child custody battle centers on participation in pageants

When parents approach the court to determine issues of child custody, each state has a specific set of guidelines that guide the process. The primary focus of the judge is always the best interests of the child, and successful arguments over which parent is better suited to gain sole or primary child custody are tailored to meet that standard. In addition, a judge in Colorado will also consider claims made by one parent that the other is causing harm to the child.

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