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What can cause Colorado couples to seek divorce?

There are as many different reasons for divorce as there are Colorado couples who seek them. However, some divorce and family law professionals suggest that some topics come up as causal factors more often than others. One potential factor: whether or not to have children.

Many couples may have a serious discussion about having children prior to their wedding, as it is an important discussion to consider. However, couples do not always clearly communicate about this issue before getting married. Many are simply caught up in the present state of their relationship, and feel that any issues that they may face in the future will work out for the better. Others simply don't want to confront issues that may suggest problems down the road, and take an avoidance approach to discussions about future family planning.

Even when a couple does have a series of discussions about having kids, there is no guarantee that their positions will remain static over time. Just as some who don't see kids in their future may decide that they want to start a family once a few years have passed, others may come to the conclusion that their lives are fulfilling and whole without having children.

When a couple decides to end a marriage for any reason, including whether or not to have kids, a number of complications can arise when the right precautions aren't taken. Yet it may be helpful to remember that divorce is not solely the end of a marriage; it also provides a new start for both spouses and a chance to construct a life that more closely aligns with their individual goals and desires.

Many couples may come to the realization that divorce is simply the best option for both parties. At this time, it may be time to move forward with researching the specifics of ending their union, in accordance with Colorado law, and moving on.

Source: The Washington Post, "Divorce attorneys, therapists: Closing the deal on kids before marriage not always realistic," Aug. 20, 2012

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