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August 2012 Archives

What can cause Colorado couples to seek divorce?

There are as many different reasons for divorce as there are Colorado couples who seek them. However, some divorce and family law professionals suggest that some topics come up as causal factors more often than others. One potential factor: whether or not to have children.

Divorce questionnaire helps spouse decide best course

A marriage is always in a state of flux, even in the best of times. Changes and growth on the part of either partner necessitates a shifting within the partnership. Outside challenges such as a new child, loss of a job or other stressors can also change the marital dynamic. Many couples in Colorado will consider divorce at various points throughout the relationship as they reevaluate their level of satisfaction. However, many who think about ending their marriage would be better served to consider therapy, either as a couple or individually.

Jackson family child custody struggles may soon be resolved

Colorado residents may have found it hard to miss the recent media coverage surrounding the latest chapter in the child custody battle among family of deceased pop star Michael Jackson. Jackson's estate plan granted child custody rights of his three children to his mother, Katherine Jackson. She has been raising the kids over the past three years amid family dissension over the legitimacy of the estate, which left nothing to any of the singer's siblings.

Common mistakes to avoid regarding life insurance and divorce

Divorce involves a number of important issues and concerns, and it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the many aspects that enter into the negotiation process. However, it is essential to keep in mind that the decisions made during this critical period can and will have lasting implications in regard to the future financial stability of all parties. Life insurance is one of the issues that must be dealt with as many Colorado couples divorce, and it is often specifically addressed within the divorce agreement.

Divorce can raise more financial questions the second time around

No one enters into a marriage with thoughts of divorce, but new research suggests that savvy spouses should consider preparing for the unexpected. This can be especially important for Colorado residents who have already been through a divorce.

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