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Collaborative divorce may be a better for spouses and children

Going through a divorce can be one of the most emotionally stressful experiences that an individual will ever have. Dissolving a marriage in Colorado, no matter how much the split is desired, brings up a wealth of emotions that can interfere with rational decision making. However, remaining as objective and clear-headed as possible throughout the divorce process can lead to a better outcome for all involved.

When a couple has children, it becomes even more important to approach divorce with sensitivity and civility. When both parties can work together in a collaborative manner, the process can become much less emotionally charged. In addition, working together at the end of the marriage provides an example for the children, showing that they don't have to take sides with one particular parent.

Many within the field of divorce litigation say that a trend is developing toward a more collaborative approach to the divorce processes. More couples are cooperating with each other in an attempt to make the end of their marriage as quick and painless as possible, so that they can move into the next phase of their lives.

Learning to co-parent and share the responsibilities of raising children in different households is a task unto itself, and more parents are choosing to focus on the needs of their children over the desire for revenge. As such, they find that a collaborative approach is a way to achieve that end.

In addition to being an easier process for their children, experts say that a collaborative divorce can also be far less costly than extended and contentious litigation. Couples in Colorado can utilize mediation services, or can request that both of their attorneys participate in a collaborative process.

In order for a collaborative process to begin, both parties agree to try this approach, but if it does not work out, they can pursue other options. The point is that this may be the right route for some couples, but not a good fit for others. No two divorce cases are identical, so it's important to weigh all available options and proceed in a way that will lead to the most equitable outcome.

Source: Chicago Tribune, "Can your divorce be collaborative?" Jen Weigel, July 10, 2012

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