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Divorce hotel: Chocolates -- and divorce papers -- on the pillow

An international hotel abroad has streamlined the divorce process and perhaps revolutionized the concept of 'full-service' hospitality. Not your traditional relaxing retreat, married guests who are considering divorce check into separate rooms at the Divorce Hotel and then go through a weekend of meetings with attorneys, divorce specialists and mediators.

Currently, stays at the hotel run from $2,500 to $10,000, depending on the particulars of the couple's net worth and whether or not there are children involved. At the end of the process, the couple is given completed divorce papers upon checkout.

Although not yet available in Colorado or any other portion of the United States, the concept of the Divorce Hotel appeals to many couples who have made the decision to part and who want the process to be as fast and civil as possible. Reducing conflict and making the procedure as amiable as possible are among the stated goals of the business. By having access to varied resources, unhappy couples may be able to sort out all of their options and devote a few days solely toward negotiating the details of the end of the marriage in an environment that is emotionally uncharged.

Colorado divorce laws stipulate a minimum 90-day waiting period before a divorce is made final, which is a shorter timeframe than that of some other states. These regulations would make a weekend-getaway divorce rather difficult rather difficult. The Divorce Hotel concept reduces the amount of time that many couples spend working out the details of the dissolution of their marriage, which has caused some to voice reservations that most divorces are too complicated and involve important issues -- such as child custody and support -- that deserve more than a few hours of consideration resulting in a hasty and perhaps inequitable settlement.

Despite the limitations of the divorce hotel concept, the desire to have a low-stress, efficient divorce is valid. Thankfully, by seeking the right assistance, Colorado couples who desire an amicable split have options within current state laws to see that their divorce is settled fairly.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Hotel: Couples Check In For Weekend Getaway And Leave With Divorce Papers," May 31, 2012

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