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June 2012 Archives

Grandfathers raising more kids, complicated by child custody laws

Single mothers still lead the statistics households in which one adult is raising one or more children on their own. However, data from the U.S. Census Bureau suggests that a growing trend in single parenting is emerging: An increasing number of grandfathers have taken the role of primary caregiver to their own grandchildren.

Too late for a prenuptial agreement? Try a postnuptial agreement

When planning a wedding, many couples may not find time to take the steps to plan the division of assets in the event of divorce. Even more often, one partner wants to start a conversation about drafting a prenuptial agreement, but fears that even discussing the issue will lead to hurt feelings and discord with their future spouse. Whatever the case, there are a variety of reasons why the majority of married couples in Colorado and across the nation do not have prenuptial agreements.

Wisdom may come with age in divorce

Many times, when those in Englewood, Colorado, think of divorce, they imagine a couple in their mid-thirties, with young children, attempting to reach a child custody and visitation settlement. Yet as the baby boomer generation started reaching retirement age, national divorce statistics began to prove this preconceived notion wrong. As the largest generation in our nation's history ages, it may not be too surprising that baby boomers' divorce rates are three times higher than that of their parents.

Divorce hotel: Chocolates -- and divorce papers -- on the pillow

An international hotel abroad has streamlined the divorce process and perhaps revolutionized the concept of 'full-service' hospitality. Not your traditional relaxing retreat, married guests who are considering divorce check into separate rooms at the Divorce Hotel and then go through a weekend of meetings with attorneys, divorce specialists and mediators.

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