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5 considerations for moving into post-divorce life

Colorado couples may be well-aware that every divorce has its complications and frustrations, but may not have the tools or knowledge to work through them Many people, especially young couples, may not know how to handle the roller coaster of divorce and what happens afterward. Thankfully, there are measures to be considered that can particularly helpful when building your life after divorce.

Immediately, individuals should take time to consider the implications of their recent split. During a divorce, individuals run the entire gamut of emotions and need time to process them individually. Second, individuals should be willing to admit that they cannot be in control of every situation. People may feel that if they had better control of their marriage it wouldn't have ended, which may not be the case at all. Next, individuals should begin to trust themselves and have the knowledge that things are bound to improve. This will provide the foundation necessary to get back on one's feet.

The fourth and five steps are often the hardest, and may take more time than the others to progress through the period immediately following a divorce. The fourth step is that the individual should strive to forgive everyone involved in the divorce, including themselves. This step may be the hardest in divorce, because there any hard feelings may linger for some time. It is important to remember that both parties may struggle with this.

The final step is acceptance of the situation and the future. It may take time for individuals to accept their circumstances, or to face the situation without blinders or bias. Healing is the most crucial way to achieve acceptance and effectively move on after a divorce.

Colorado couples facing divorce may feel that they are the only ones who have been in their situation. The emotions associated with divorce often leave individuals feeling isolated. In the end, however, making the decision to file for divorce may be the best option for both spouses and any children they have together. Having the proper support and knowledge to work through the steps above may help individuals face divorce with greater clarity and positivity.

Source: Huffington Post, "5 Steps to Getting Over Divorce," Mark Banschick, May 17, 2012

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