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May 2012 Archives

Colorado child custody dispute boils over, leaves 1 injured

Most people know that in a divorce situation, the situation between separating spouses can sometimes be quite heated. Things can be especially tricky when children are involved in a divorce, but readers may be surprised to hear that a child custody dispute climaxed with a violent altercation at one Aurora, Colorado, elementary school. What started as a disagreement between a divorcing couple over who should take the children home led to an attack committed against the soon-to-be ex-wife's new boyfriend.

5 considerations for moving into post-divorce life

Colorado couples may be well-aware that every divorce has its complications and frustrations, but may not have the tools or knowledge to work through them Many people, especially young couples, may not know how to handle the roller coaster of divorce and what happens afterward. Thankfully, there are measures to be considered that can particularly helpful when building your life after divorce.

Woman jailed for baptism, violating her child custody agreement

Child custody arrangements typically involve two concepts: legal custody and physical custody. The former refers to the rights of the parent to make decisions about a child's upbringing, as well as a parent's obligation to support the child. The latter, on the other hand, refers to how much time a child will spend living with a parent. Thus, a child custody arrangement may be set up such that both parents have a say in how the child is raised, even if only one parent has physical custody.

Has the 'Great Recession' affected divorce rates?

While most demographic shifts do not occur rapidly, the Great Recession and subsequent events may have the ability to change this notion. Recently researchers have explored what effect the recession has had on divorce. Similar to the data surrounding current marriage rates and the ongoing economic malaise, the data regarding divorce in this area does not yet appear to be definitive.

What options do divorcing Colorado couples have?

Similar to each Colorado marriage, every divorce case is unique. Those who are thinking about obtaining a divorce have a number of options from which to choose. Generally speaking, there are four ways couples can approach their split, including: do-It-yourself, working through the courts, mediation and collaborative divorce.

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