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Social media may play a role in many divorce filings

There are many factors that play a role when a couple decides to end a marriage. Some of the most frequently cited reasons behind a divorce filing include infidelity and financial problems. Colorado residents who are facing an impending divorce may not be surprised that social media is also becoming a serious problem in relationships.

A divorce attorney released a book concerning some of the root causes as to why marriages end in divorce. It has been his experience that, over the past several years, there are few couples who do not cite social media as being a factor. One reason may be because those who post on these sites purposely share only the most positive aspects of their lives, which may cause others to doubt their own life choices, including their partner. Those who are experiencing a troubled time in their marriages may be more inclined to search out other avenues for self-fulfillment.

Prenuptial agreement can be utilized to preserve more than wealth

In the past several years, family law attorneys have seen a significant increase in the numbers of couples who are interested in drawing up marital contracts. While a prenuptial agreement used to be employed mainly by wealthy or celebrity couples, prenups are becoming increasingly popular among a wide variety of couples. Colorado residents who are interested in how these contracts can be useful for their particular situation may benefit from learning more.

A prenup is frequently used to ensure that family wealth can be preserved in the event a marriage does not survive. However, they can also be used in situations where a couple is concerned that state laws could change and adversely affect a future settlement agreement. Penups can also be employed to ensure that a spouse receives recompense if either marital income or the other spouse's resources were used to help pay down student loan debts.

Beloved movie still praised over handling of divorce and custody

In the entertainment industry, the end of a relationship is often either the subject of a romantic comedy or a thriller, as the two sides either reunite or end up harming one another. However, there is one movie that is still being praised over the way it handled the subject of divorce and child custody. Though the premise of "Mrs. Doubtfire" was far-fetched at best, it is likely that many Colorado families felt that it portrayed a realistic outcome as the parents learned to work together after a divorce.

The movie, which recently marked its 25th anniversary, featured Robin Williams as a father of three who is struggling to cope with the break-up of his family. Desperate to spend more time with his children, he applies for the job of a nanny posted by his former wife, while in the disguise of an older British woman. As the movie progresses, he learns how to better relate to his children as well as receives a greater appreciation for the work involved in running a household and raising children.

How will a military divorce affect a former spouse's benefits?

The decision to wed an active service member comes with many considerations. With that being said, a military divorce also differs from a civilian one. Colorado residents who are contemplating a divorce from a service member may have many questions about how to proceed.

While the military offers free legal services for a variety of issues, it has no jurisdiction in divorce. One will need the services of an attorney who is well-versed in military regulations and rules as well as state divorce laws. There are several regulations that may apply, and a knowledgeable attorney will be able to provide the best guidance throughout the proceedings.

A divorce is best handled with careful planning and preparation

There are few things more stressful in life than ending a marriage. A divorce is even more stressful if children are involved. Colorado residents can use checklists to stay focused on their end goals throughout the family law proceedings.

The first priority for the majority of divorcing parents is the well-being of their children. To that end, it is helpful to keep track of the issues that need to be addressed. These likely include such details as parenting time schedules and how to make major decisions going forward. As children mature, parents will need to agree about the decision-making process when it comes to religion, education and other activities. Parenting plans may also include details such as how to handle dating with respect to the children, and child care options.

Does cohabitation really lead to greater risk of divorce?

For years, it was assumed that the studies that pointed to the danger that cohabitation presented to healthy marriages were accurate. However, during the past several years, more recent studies seemed to deny any link between living together before marriage and an eventual divorce. Colorado residents may be interested in learning, though, that the most recent in-depth report appears to confirm that a divorce is more likely for couples who choose to live together first.

According to studies done early on, many couples who had chosen to live together without first committing to marriage were more likely to divorce -- often years later. Researchers believed that there may be several reasons why couples did not last, including socio-economic status, religious beliefs and family history of divorce. Another factor that may play a role is whether one has lived with previous partners or had children together before marriage.

There are many false beliefs regarding a prenuptial agreement

It has long been presumed that marital contracts are only intended to protect the assets of wealthy couples. However, a prenuptial agreement can ensure that the interests of both spouses will be provided for if a marriage does not survive. Though Colorado couples may fear initializing this discussion, doing so may allow the parties to engage in effective communications about their impending marriage. 

There are common misconceptions about these contracts, and one of the first is that prenups can encompass anything that the parties wish to include. While this may be true, if any of the provisions violate the rights of the other spouse, a judge may throw it out. They may include instructions related to alimony payments, but it cannot include unreasonable stipulations. Some believe that one does not need to consult with a legal professional. However, if either party does not have representation, a judge may void these contracts.

Family law: Dealing with gopher parents in Colorado

Divorced gopher parents who keep popping in an out of their children's lives are not healthy. There are many family law tools in Colorado that can help parents as single individuals so this kind of thing doesn't happen. A gopher parent is usually one who doesn't have a hand in discipline and conveniently shows up usually when all is well and fails to stick around in the hard times, so co-parenting with this type of individual can be a challenge.

But the primary caregiver in these instances has to be the bigger person by continuing to inform the other parent about what is happening in their kids' lives. It's easy to lash out at these people when they suddenly do appear, but for the kids' sake, it's best to remain composed and calm. Keeping in touch with former inlaws may also be helpful in that they may be able to take up some of the slack to help with their grandchildren when their own gopher child doesn't or won't.

Stepparent adoption is another aspect of family law

When one thinks of adoption, it is likely that one pictures a home comprised of a mother and father who are opening their home to a child in need. However, another aspect of family law is the formal adoption of a child by a new stepparent. Though this is the second most common type of adoption, it is one that Colorado families may not consider to be as life-changing for the child involved.

Even though stepparent adoption occurs frequently, it may be viewed as a mere formality with little impact on the life of the child. However, any time one parent is seen as replacing another, it can be of monumental importance from the child's perspective. While in a traditional adoption parents are encouraged to share as much information as they can with their adopted child, this may not occur as openly in a stepparent adoption. When a spouse steps up to take the place of an absent parent, it may leave a lasting impression on the self-esteem of the child.

Prenuptial agreement can strengthen marriage and reduce divorces

Divorce is likely the furthest thing from anyone's mind on the day that they marry. Statistics, though, point to the reality that many marriages will not last over the long term. Many professionals urge engaged couples to sign a prenuptial agreement as a means of supporting the marital relationship. Colorado couples who are preparing to wed may benefit from seeking information about how these contracts can protect them.

Traditionally, these types of legal agreements were reserved for the wealthy or famous. In reality, these marital contracts can be utilized by anyone as almost every individual has something of value to safeguard in the event of a divorce. Couples who enter into these discussions before a marriage commences may find that they are able to communicate more openly about finances, which may actually strengthen the relationship.

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