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Understanding the final cost of family law cases

When a Colorado resident enters into a divorce or child custody case, one of the top concerns is how much the process will cost. In some cases, people are surprised at the final tally of expenses, and feel caught off guard with what they are expected to pay for family law legal services. This should never be the case, and spouses are encouraged to take a proactive approach in addressing matters of cost with their attorney.

New law: Judges to consider pet "custody" in divorce

Many Colorado residents are aware that there are no laws in place that require a family court judge to consider issues related to pet "custody" when a couple is divorcing. However, one state has recently undergone a change in that regard, and a new law will require judges to consider the wellbeing of each animal when making decisions concerning pet "custody" during a divorce. That change comes as a welcome relief to pet owners who are concerned about how their beloved pets would be treated in the event of a divorce.

During divorce, consider the full range of childhood expenses

As a Colorado couple moves through the end of a marriage, many different financial matters will come into play. For parents of shared children, child support is one of those topics. Most states have a system for determining the proper level of child support that the non-custodial parent will pay the other. However, many parents fail to address additional expenses that a child will incur as he or she grows up. Talking about those expenses during the larger divorce negotiations can make things easier for both parents and children.

How the family pediatrician can assist during a divorce

When a Colorado family is moving through the end of a marriage, many parents want to do everything in their power to make things easier on their shared children. That can mean different things to different people; some children have a unique set of needs when it comes to their parent's divorce. However, there is someone who can assist, one whom many families overlook when moving through a challenging time: the family pediatrician.

The role that insurance plays during a Colorado divorce

Many Colorado spouses spend a great deal of time negotiating the details of child support and alimony payments. Few, however, take the time to consider what would happen if the spouse tasked with making those payments passed away before the payments were scheduled to come to an end. For many families who have gone through a divorce, that outcome would lead to financial devastation. A measure of protection is called for, and can be found in the form of life insurance. 

Dissipation of assets can drastically impact divorce

Many Colorado residents gain a different perspective on their spouse as their marriage comes to an end. Often, divorce brings out the worst in people, especially where financial matters are concerned. Some spouses go so far as to take steps to intentionally deplete marital wealth, a process known as dissipation of assets. That can have a drastic impact on the eventual property division settlement.

Selling the family home during a Colorado divorce

For homeowners, the division of marital property can be far more complex than for those couples who have not purchased a home. Deciding how to divide the equity in the family home can be one of the more complex aspects of a Colorado divorce. A number of different options exist, each with a unique set of pros and cons. Navigating those choices successfully is important, as the outcome will have an impact on the financial stability of both parties.

Don't expect support from partner during divorce

On a surface level, Colorado spouses understand that the end of their marriage will change their relationship with their partner. That said, many people have a hard time acknowledging that the person they have been married to might undergo radical changes during a divorce, and may act in ways that differ from the past. Being prepared for such changes can make the overall process of divorce easier to bear.

Actor Ben Vereen did not properly divorce first wife

Many Colorado readers are familiar with the career of Ben Vereen, an entertainer who has had a long and successful career. Vereen has been making recent headlines not for a new entertainment role, but due to the fact that he is being accused of being married to two women at once. The case involves a long span of time and a divorce that may not have been properly handled many years ago.

Tips on choosing the right family law attorney

In many cases, Colorado couples want to end their marriage in a manner that is collaborative and cooperative, and wish to avoid an excess of stress and drama as the process unfolds. That is an admirable approach, and one that can have many positive outcomes. That said, it is also important to make wise decisions during a divorce, and one of the most impactful decisions that any divorcing spouse will make involves selecting their family law attorney.

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