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Making sure that divorce is the best path forward

Very few people expect to receive marital advice from a legal professional whose line of business is processing the end of marriages. In reality, however, very few divorce attorneys relish the thought of ending a marriage that could possibly be saved. Most approach their role as facilitating a fair and favorable divorce for couples who have exhausted all efforts to remain happily married. To that end, the following advice is offered in the hopes of giving Colorado spouses the tools needed to determine if divorce is truly the best course of action.

Is the Trump administration responsible for increased divorce?

Even in a healthy marriage, Colorado spouses will often fail to see eye to eye on certain matters. Being in complete agreement on every issue is not a requirement for a long and happy union. When spouses stand in firm opposition on certain topics, however, the marriage can become highly contentious under certain circumstances. According to some researchers, the Trump administration has provided the conditions under which some couples will move toward divorce.

Do mandatory waiting periods reduce rates of divorce?

For many Colorado residents, the realization that their marriage was heading toward a conclusion was readily apparent for some time prior to the paperwork actually being filed. Few people throw in the towel on a marriage without a significant amount of deliberation, as well as plenty of work to make the relationship better. In some states, however, mandatory waiting periods prevent spouses from obtaining a divorce in a timely manner, despite the amount of time they have already put into trying to save their union.

Understanding how debt can impact a military divorce

The division of marital assets is a primary focus for most divorcing spouses, in Colorado and across the nation. Property division can be complicated, especially for military families in which there are complex retirement and other benefits to consider. One of the biggest mistakes that spouses can make, however, is to fail to consider the role that debt plays in a divorce. Debt must be divided much the same as assets, and the effects of that division can have a lasting impact.

Child Support Termination

In Colorado, a divorce decree with children or paternity judgment may include a Child Support Order ("CSO") that will direct one parent to pay a sum of money to the other parent. The CSO will state when, how often, and how much a parent is required to pay. This blog will discuss the ways in which a CSO can terminate with and without a Court Order and potential roadblocks with the process.

When is the best time for parents to file for divorce?

For those in Colorado who are preparing to bring their marriage to a close, the timing of that action can be critical. This is especially true for parents, as the impact that a divorce will have on their children is often a chief concern. There are a number of ways to approach the timing issue, and no one-size-fits-all solution. The following approaches offer two different methods that parents might want to consider.

Protect against hidden assets during a Colorado divorce

As a marriage comes to a close, the primary focus of both spouses is often on the division of marital wealth. Disentangling finances in a fair and equitable manner can be a challenge. However, that challenge is exponentially more difficult when one spouse seeks to hide assets from the other during the course of their Colorado divorce.

Health care costs force some to choose strategic divorce

While most divorcing couples have reached a point in their relationship where they can no longer see eye-to-eye and are ready to go their separate ways, that is not always the dynamic at play. There are couples in Colorado and across the nation that choose divorce as a last-ditch financial option, and who love each other dearly. While most people would agree that divorce should never be a choice made to solve financial strife, that is the case for some couples that are desperately in need of long-term residential care.

How to fairly set aside funds to cover divorce expenses

There are few universal truths that can be applied to the process of ending a marriage, except perhaps that no degree of preparation is ever excessive. Colorado spouses should make every effort to be prepared, both emotionally and financially, for any set of circumstances that their divorce might present. That includes an angry or bitter reaction from one's spouse, and efforts to derail the divorce process before it even gets started.

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